Jewelry Care Guide

How to care for your gold plated jewelry

If you love your jewelry it will love you back!
Here are some recommendations for how to best take care of your beautiful pieces and keep them looking shiny and new for as long as possible. 


What NOT to do:

  • Do not wear your jewelry when swimming, showering, exercising, or doing heavy work, as doing so increases the chance that your jewelry will tarnish
  • Do not spray perfumes or other sprays while wearing your jewelry.
  • Do not put on your jewelry before your lotion or cream completely dries.
  • Do not use a polishing cloth as this can strip away the gold.


How to Care for Your Jewelry:

  • After each use, you should remove the dirt and dust from your jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth by gently rubbing the surface of your pieces. This will help keep your pieces shining.Do NOT use a polishing cloth.
  • If your jewelry needs a more thorough cleaning you can soak your pieces in warm soapy water for a few minutes and clean it with a soft cloth. Stay *away* from jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps.


Storing Your Jewelry:

  • Do not store your silver plated and gold plated jewelry together as this could cause the jewelry to fade, tarnish, or become discolored.
  • To avoid scratches it is recommended that you keep your pieces separate from each other (make sure you keep the little zip-lock we send you with each necklace!).
  • Store in a dry area.